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The Restoration Process
Below are some photo's of the typical problems with which a restoration procedure would be required. Leaded and stained glass should last upwards of 100 years from new but obviously panels that are more exposed to the weathering elements etc. will require attention.
Usually the first signs of restoration needs are when the tie wires break and the panel begins to bulge, this can cause the edges of the glass to be exposed (if left too long) and cracks in panels will occur.
In most cases if attention is received early enough the panel can be re-leaded using the existing glass, although in severe cases replacement glass would be used and matched as near as possible to the original.

Typical Problems That occur :
Shown here is damage caused by a break in.

Accident Damage

Aging And Bulging Lead Fatigue And cement Failure

Re-fixing of saddle bars

Windows and Doors
The most common restoration undertaken by P.M. Stained Glass is front doors due to their constant use causing quicker than usual need for repair and maintenance below are some pictures of various jobs undertaken by P. M. Stained Glass.

Churches and other buildings
P.M. Stained Glass Can restore and repair a wide range of leaded and stained glass panels.
We also provide quotes and advice for architects and surveyors in job pricing and grant applications.
Below are some examples of previous work.